Our Mission

Ponentia is born with the intention of being an industrial and logistics platform, in the east of Aragon and bordering Catalonia, associated with a large-scale railway terminal. Thanks to its intermodality, it will be a location designed and adapted for the future of freight transportation in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, and Asia.

Esta zona industrial y logística tiene una superficie total de 1.400.000 m2 que ofrece parcelas de gran formato, que oscilan entre los 20.000m2 y los 200.000m2 comercializables para usos industriales y logísticos.

An Ideal Location

Its geographical location bordering the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, and its proximity to the port infrastructures of Barcelona and Tarragona on one side, and its connections with Europe on the other, make it an optimal area for the consolidation and distribution of goods in the Iberian Peninsula and towards Europe. Particularly taking into account the enhancement of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Axis and the importance of connection with theSilk Road.

This entire platform is associated with a large-capacity railway terminal given the great growth potential in that area. Occupying an area of around 17 hectares,it allows the construction of suitable railway facilities, with a reception track of 5 lines, sidings for convoys, tracks for simultaneous loading of up to 4 trains of 750 meters in length, marshalling yard, entry/exit facilities for heavy vehicles, customs points, container logistics area, and railway service area.

The terminal is designed as a state-of-the-art industrial and logistics zone for clean energy, with the clear objective of being a neutral emission infrastructure. Based on this foundation, efforts are being made for a polygon that generates clean energy for self-consumption, using solar and green hydrogen energy to comply with the decarbonization policies of the European Union.

Sustainable Development

The implementation of renewable and clean energies in the platform promotes a strategy of sustainability, landscape integration, and respect for the environment by reducing the impact of industrial activity throughself-sufficiency and self-generation of energy from natural, continuous, and inexhaustible sources.