Ponentia is developing the implementation of an industrial and logistics zone associated with an intermodal railway terminal, covering a total area of approximately 1.400.000 m2.

Railway Terminal

It will enable the efficient movement of large volumes of goods in one place, facilitating the loading and unloading process, as well as the transfer of cargo between different modes of transport.

  1. Sustainability: There is a focus on a sustainability strategy that reduces the environmental impact of industrial activity through self-sufficiency and self-generation of energy from natural, continuous, and inexhaustible sources.

  2. Connectivity: Located in a strategic area, which facilitates connection with other transport networks such as seaports, airports, and highways, allowing greater accessibility to markets and to the points of origin and destination of goods.

  3. Security: Enhances security in the transportation of goods with security measures and supervision that guarantee proper handling and control of the cargo.

The railway terminal features:

  • 800 meters of track space.
  • 5 receiving/dispatch tracks.
  • 4 loading tracks operated by overhead cranes.
  • 950m maneuvering area.
  • Customs checkpoint.
  • 200 reefer connections.
  • Daily connection with the UK, Central Europe, Eurasia, Barcelona, Tarragona, and Bilbao ports.
  • Forecast: 6 daily trains (Phase 1) and up to 20 trains (Phase 2).
  • 75% electric traction on routes.
  • 24/7 operation (Phase 2).
  • 150,000 TEUs per year.

Industrial and Logistics Platform

Created and designed specifically for economic activities related to the production, distribution, and storage of goods. The establishment of this sector, with consequent access by companies to transport intermodality, should allow access to new, increasingly demanding markets, improving delivery times, transport efficiency, and sustainability.

  1. Facilitates logistics management: Designed to facilitate the movement of goods and provide advanced logistics services.

  2. Cost reduction: Greater efficiency in the supply chain, which can lead to a reduction in transportation and storage costs. Located near transport infrastructures such as roads, ports, and airports, reducing transportation costs. Located close to transportation infrastructure, such as highways, ports and airports, reducing transportation costs.

  3. Increased competitiveness: Enhances the competitiveness of companies by providing them with access to a wide range of logistics services and advanced transport infrastructures, enabling them to respond more quickly to market demands.

  4. Job creation: Generates employment in the region, not only in the logistics sector but also in related activities such as production and distribution of goods.

Detailed Information

  • Scope: 140 hectares
  • 900,000 square meters of net area.
  • Large-sized plots.
  • 500,000 square meters of roof to be built.
  • Direct access to highway A-22 (Exit 27).
  • Industrial water supply at the plot’s doorstep.
  • Sustainable energy supply.
  • Possibility of PPA contracts.
  • LORA WAN-IOT communication technology.
  • Service area in a central location.
  • Customs checkpoint – PIF (Point of Inspection).
  • 24/7 guarded truck parking.
  • Hotel, gas station, maintenance, and dining services.
  • Ample green areas. Rest and sports zones.
  • Bussines Center.